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Mouthful of Love


Leaving a meeting yesterday I got into a conversation with a security guard. Or rather he got me into it as he walked up asking me:

–          Are you French?
–          No, erhm, why?
–          Are you married?
–          What? Well, no.
–          You should marry a nice Kenyan girl. She will love your money.
–          OK, well, call me crazy but I want my future wife to love me for whom I am.
–          Why? You will have a great family and she can take care of everything for you.
–          Not really what I am looking for…
–          You’re crazy! It would be so easy for you, all you would have to do is pay for it.

At this point I assumed he was going to “recommend“ someone, but instead he went into a five minute monologue about his life up until now. Unexpected on so many levels.

I mentioned this conversation to a Kenyan friend and his response was also unexpected.

–          Forget the Kenyan or African women, they will suck you dry.
–          Hmm…
–          Then, once you’re dry, she will leave you for someone else.
–          That’s a bit harsh isn’t it?
–          No. Find a mzungu (Swahili word for white person).
–          Yeah…?
–          Yes. Sucked dry!

And so goes another day…


I’ve been informed this text is racially insensitive, and yes it is. I wrote this post for that very reason, to highlight the existing discourse. In fact I’ve been told similar things several times before. I thought it implicit by the way I presented the text, but let me clarify to make things absolutely clear; the views expressed above are NOT mine, nor are they shared by me.

Author: Mathias Antonsson

Founder & CEO of Plurrify. Started & got @UN to critical mass. Advisor to Ushahidi & Fellow at Making All Voices Count. Previous Sida ICT4D expert. Music, sports & politics fan. PM & Comms specialist. Views expressed here are mine.

4 thoughts on “Mouthful of Love

  1. the mouthful of love advice, was it from cab driver you mentioned? 🙂

  2. As a Kenyan I would say , hmmm… It’s a pity that most people both men and women alike think that way yet the truth is the glass is half. It can be half full or half empty it all depends on the perception and the beliefs, b/c they are many ladies and fro this matter black that are human and can love men for who they are not what they have, whether white, brown or black. Thank you M for highlighting this it is an issue!

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