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What A Waster

It is said that “a hearty laugh prolongs your life”. Well, today it’s Monday and you deserve a treat!

At work everything is about efficiency and productivity. For good reasons naturally. But as a rather excellent slacker outside work, I often indulge in stupid comedy. Absolutely off the wall comedy. Monty Python, Green Wing, Arrested Development (and Nile City, Varan TV, Team Antonsen for Nordic readers) or similar pointlessly heroic shows within that genre. I find it almost as good of a stress reliever as going for a run or reading.

I’ve recently had the pleasure to stumble across some of the most stupid websites invented. The internet being almost infinite, this is in no way a complete list. Obviously. But if this doesn’t make your Monday somewhat less insufferable, seek medical assistance.

Two advices as you gear up to savour stupidity. Firstly, if you have music on, pause it. Secondly, brace yourself as the third link has a Nintendo version of the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest winner.

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